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I wrote the majority of this EP during the last few months of 2013 as I was struggling to determine exactly what I wanted out of life. I was studying at university until about half way through my second semester, at which point I decided I hated it. I wasn't experiencing an awful lot of joy and confidence whilst studying and began to buckle under the work load a bit.
I didn't have much time for friends or music which made me pretty sad.
Much of this EP is about this particular time and how I attempted to cope with it, but I also drew inspiration and feelings from earlier events in my life that had been playing on my mind, such as my grandfather's passing, which was 1 of a few deaths in the family within a small time frame.
I feel that forming all these emotions into music is my way of releasing myself from the stress that these events may have been causing me but also allowing me a nostalgic comfort as I perform these songs live.


released April 15, 2014

All songs written and performed by Jye Batham.
All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Murrell at Modern Demo Recording Studio.
Additional guitars on "Vague" and "Rain" performed by Lewis Kruizinga.
Artwork by Jye Batham.



all rights reserved


Turn South Melbourne, Australia

Established in late 2013 in the South-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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Track Name: Made You Cry
Here I am, stumbling through my mind again,
tripping on my thoughts of you.
And how I brought us to a bitter end,
my words a shard of glass inside your skin.

Did I break you in two?
Were those words enough to seep into your soul?
Sharp enough to carve out your heart?
I never meant to make you cry
I made you cry.
Track Name: Another Funeral In Bendigo
You slipped away without a sound,
we didn't make it to your side in time to see your final breath.
I remember sitting by your side as you smoked and watched the AFL
Told me stories about your Pacific "holiday" in '45.

I wish I had more memories of you before your time came to an end,
I was just a spoilt kid. Never valued the company of family like I should,
I hope I make you proud someday.

Another funeral in Bendigo, it was a cold and windy day.
I watched in silence as you disappeared into the earth,
reminding me that death comes for us all, eventually.
And it scares me.

I remember your laugh was bright like the gold that built this town.
I can't believe I'll never hear that again.

I hope I make you proud someday.
And I swear I still smell the smoke on the coat you used to wear.
Track Name: Vague
Do I seem vague today?
I'm sorry. I just can't shake this feeling.
It clings to me like the sweat when I wake up half way through the day.
I catch my image in the glass, I'm haggard.

I can't handle all these expectations,
when they're placed upon my shoulders.
These things are weighing down my head again,
on this late night drive alone this time

I'm feeling numb today,
did you call me? I can't recall the things you said to me.
My mind was lost as I stared off into space.
I'm losing interest in everything.

Unaware of my surroundings. Empty words fall on deaf ears.
Come again?
Track Name: Seasons
Winter's hung around past her welcome, but I can taste the summer around the corner
Staring straight ahead, I pay no heed to those around me. The past has passed me.
Track Name: With Purpose
This year has been grinding down my bones.
Smothering my confidence as I question all I think I know.
I feel invisible

But these past few weeks I've opened up my eyes.
I'm not living if I'm not doing what I love.

What was killing me I dropped and left behind, to die down in the dirt.
A moment of respite before that burden was replaced.

But now I can't escape this feeling of regret.
Every plan I make just gets turned right on its head.
But I've grown through this now I can learn from my mistakes.
I can't let the fucking stress get to my head.

I'll stay in bed, til I can't see the walls
I won't set plans, I'm just existing.
Track Name: Rain
My skies, weighed down by heavy thoughts.
And idleness.
Faint light glowing through my clouds,
a hint of something brighter

Watch as I give way and the rain falls down, soaking everything.
I feel it flood my mind, I can't escape, you're fading from my eyes.

Your eyes pull me into darkness.
The last thing I see before sleep finds me.

I've lost my mind, don't tell me all is fine.